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SFD Manufacturer

SFD Manufacturer

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy of Thai tropical fruit with vacuum fried and soft dried technology is to create a healthy and sustainable snack while preserving the natural flavors and nutrients of the fruit. It embraces eco-friendly practices and celebrates the agricultural heritage of the region, providing consumers with a unique and flavorful snack option.

All About Us

Siam Fruit Delight Co., Ltd, SFD, was founded in 2013 by 4 Thai fruit lovers who formed a management team and have been working closely with one another with passion and dedication to promote the company in order to reach a goal of being one of the most innovative Thai Fruit manufacturers domestically and internationally.

At SFD, we believe that Thai Fruit is truly unique in taste and undeniably one of a kind in terms of characters.

Therefore, it is our ultimate goal to showcase various amazing Thai fruits worldwide under the brand "BITCORN" and “SUNCROWN”. Our secret is our treasured recipe plus the best selection of raw materials and detailed monitoring throughout the production processes. Also, rest assured that we take your health as seriously as your craving for delicious Thai Fruit; SFD has been certified by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), under Ministry of Public Health.

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